Join us for our first Herstory Conference, hosted by Girls Inc. of Denver-Metro. This year's focus is toward policy and advocacy, and how our girls tackle the systemic barriers that affect the conditions in which they are growing up, particularly those with the fewest resources. Herstory is designed to engage girls themselves, as well as local leaders and other citizens in our community. We translate our work with girls into powerful advocacy to improve opportunities for them to succeed and lead healthy, educated, and independent lives.

This touchpoint reflects Girls Inc. brand story by communicating our platform for equipping girls with the valuable skills and resources to become strong, smart and bold women. When girls are given the opportunity to be heard and can make changes, they also gain an opportunity to become advocates at a young age. We encourage girls to tackle the problems they may face, and Girls Inc. is here to provide the resources they need to be successful in the future.


The Herstory Conference presents itself as a resolution to the brand story. The touchpoint is intended to equip the members of Girls Inc. with the tools they need to succeed. The setting is represented at the stage/auditorium the event will take place in. The antagonist and challenges of the story are implied in the name of the conference— Herstory; the event is intended to expose larger problems/solutions in the most recent feminist wave. The service as a resolution is the opportunity for girls to share stories of silenced pasts and issues that matter most to them. This touchpoint confirms Girls Inc. brand story and continues to focus on the development of the whole girl and her potential value.




The need for a permanent solution remains. Girls Inc., many of our affiliates, and over 320 national, state, and local youth advocacy organizations sent a letter to Congress in in support of the bipartisan Dream Act of 2017. The bill would provide lawful status and a path to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth who came to the United States as children. We are proud to support immigrant girls in reaching their full potential and achieving their dreams.

This touchpoint reflects Girls Inc. brand story by communicating our advocacy efforts with our online presence. Using the hashtag #ProtectDreamers, Girls Inc. expresses the support for the Dream Act of 2017 on their Twitter page. The posts are intended to express the dialogue of the main problem— a solution for Dreamers still remains. The feed presents itself as the setting, a platform for sharing the conflict of the story. Throughout the feed, users can explore plot characteristics, such as the protagonist, dialogue, and the resolution. Our brand’s online presence represents a commitment of making a measurable and lasting difference by advocating issues that need a solution. This hashtag also confirms our brand’s efforts to reassess and reflect the society our girls are living in as times change.




Denver-Metro Girls! Girls Inc. is releasing an app just for you.

As you complete your intensive five-year STEM program, the Eureka! app will keep you up to date and track your progress. Review your completed workshops and upcoming programs in seconds! Receive schedule alerts and daily reminders so you never miss a beat. Eureka! encourages and rewards our girls while equipping them with the valuable skills they need to become strong, smart and bold women.

The Eureka! App reflects Girls Inc. brand story by communicating our company’s many resources to help girls become strong, smart and bold. The app is the setting and platform for the story to take place; an intensive five year academic journey. The programs and workshops will help prevent unhealthy behaviors, increase interest in alternate fields of study and career development, encourage healthy and active lifestyles, and provide girls with the tools they need to be successful in their futures. The main character is represented as the user, and the app will act as her guide as she completes research-based programs in pro-girl environments and interactive activities that are aimed help develop her inherent strengths.